Professional Fee Structure

Professional Fee Structure

Peter Ng Training Consultancy is set up by Peter Ng on September 1996, and has been the Distributor for Service Quality Institute since November 1999. It has always been Peter’s ministry to inspire individual to scale greater height, improve employees’ effectiveness for higher productivity, and developing the leader within each and every one to truly harness the potentials within them.


Professional Fee (Singapore & Malaysia)

Two-day Workshop – S$5,500.00 for 2 days
One-day Workshop – S$3,500.00 for 1 day
Half-day Workshop – S$3,000.00 for ½ day
Hourly (Seminar) – S$2,000.00 per hour
Customization – Ranging from S$5,000.00 onwards


Professional Fee (Asia Pacific)

Two-day Workshop – US$6,000.00 for 2 days
One-day Workshop – US$3,500.00 for 1 day
60mins to 90mins (Seminar) – US$2,000.00 per session
Special Customization – Ranging from US$5,000.00 onwards


  1. Definition of workshop refers to class-size of not more than 25 participants; any session that has more than 25 participants are subjected to fee revision accordingly.
  2. Definition of seminar are meant for conferences, conventions, group session for specific issue, and basically, for an audience size of more than 30 participants.
  3. The fee quoted herein is to be held within Singapore and Malaysia. For programs held outside these two countries, an additional charge of between S$1,000.00 and S$3,000.00 for miscellaneous and opportunity costs will be imposed.
  4. For program conducted outside Singapore, the client is expected to bear the cost of all traveling expenses (air/ship/land), port taxes, visa fee (if applicable), hotel accommodation (single occupancy), and in-country transportation.
  5. A softcopy of the workshop/seminar material will be provided to the client for duplication and distribution to the participants/delegates.
  6. The fee does not include any incidental charges, and for detailed customization, additional consultation and customization fees shall be imposed.
  7. The client is to make the necessary arrangements for the training equipment such as LCD projector, flipcharts, microphone (if necessary), booking of function room, whiteboard, etc.
  8. Upon awarded of the training/seminar contract, tentative dates are to be proposed by the client, without obligations, and are subjected to the availability of the speaker.